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Though different people usually have different points of view on this or that matter it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that family happiness comprises the happiness of its members. Members of the family are entirely responsible for happiness or sadness of family. A Member of the family can convert a sad situation into a happy moment or it may convert a happy situation into misery or sad environment. So happiness depends entirely on ourselves. The reality is that family happiness is not that hard to realize even in today’s stressful times. It just requires that you refocus your life by considering some key steps. Firstly, happiness is not a prize to be won. Or wealth to be gained. Stop trying to live and start living. No effort is required to have a happy family. What you give your dearest and closest should live up to their expectations. Secondly, make family happiness a real priority, not just words. What you say, to yourself and others, doesn’t matter. It’s your focus, or lack of it, that counts. Thirdly, your energy would be better served by simply being with them, rather than doing things for them. The greatest gift you can give your family is your undivided attention. They don’t need toys or jewelry. They need you. Last but not least, simplify your life. Focus on what you want now. Remember the past is no longer real and the future never will be
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