Тема When a friend asks for help there is no tomorrow

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Сочинение по теме When a friend asks for help there is no tomorrow

Friendship is one of many things we take for granted and don’t comprehend its real value until we lost it completely. We meet different people. Most of them pass by unnoticed, some of them have some impact on us and only few of them become friends. Undoubtedly all people deserve to be dealt in a decent way at least since what we give is what we get back but our friends are a different story. Friends are people we tend to count on. To overcome a thorny problem we need help and a true friend is a right person to turn to. A true friend will never make up an excuse instead of giving a helping hand. Of course, you are expected to behave in the same way. When it comes to real friends we are asked for assistance when there is no other way out, as they will never bother you if the problem they encountered is trivial. True friends value your willingness to step in highly and will never let themselves gain anything at your expense. Those who take care of you are your trust worthy friends.
To my mind true friendship is a kind of priceless treasure which is difficult to come by. The safest way to develop lasting friendship is to live up to the highest standards of a true friend. To put it into other words, to have faithful friends you yourself had better be loyal
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