Словообразование (CAE) Часть 11

Предлагаем вашему вниманию очередную порцию упражнений по словообразованию к учебнику Destination C1-C2. Как и всегда, ответы — это пробелы, которые при выделении становятся видны. Большинство учащихся, сдающих централизованное тестирование по английскому языку, вряд ли будет заинтересовано в предлагаемых материалах (CAE/advanced level), но возможно упражнения вызовут интерес у студентов старших курсов. ЦТ, в лучшем случае, это B2, что в свою уровень относительно высокий, но не предел мечтаний.

Упражнение на словообразование (CAE)

1. A number of unresolved issues remain before the treaty can be signed. [resolve]
2. As a child I was surrounded by love and kindness. [round]
3. As a manager she deals with problems reasonably and equably, never losing her temper. [reason]
4. Foreigners found without residency cards can be fined or imprisoned. [reside]
5. He asked me, in a roundabout way, if he could have a salary increase. [round]
6. He has been criticized as an irresolute leader. [resolve]
7. His face had lost its boyish roundness. [round]
8. His parents were worried by his increasingly irrational behaviour. [rational]
9. His writings influenced political thinking during the revolutionary war. [revolt]
10. In my opinion, Peter Doyle was a cold, unresponsive man. [respond]
11. Is there any qualitative difference between these two video recorders? [quality]
12. It is feared that the civil unrest we are now witnessing in this country could lead to full-scale civil war. [rest]
13. It was the most revolting thing I have ever tasted. [revolt]
14. Massage should produce a state of relaxation. [relax]
15. Relatively speaking, it’s a fairly poor country. [relate]
16. Shortly after his father died the new Earl said how regrettable it was that he had died alone. [regret]
17. The agency deals with residential and commercial property. [reside]
18. The caste system was so rigidly enforced that non-Hindus were not even allowed inside a Hindu house. [rigid]
19. The company had to make reparation to those who suffered ill health as a result of chemical pollution. [repair]
20. The disease is spreading with alarming rapidity. [rapid]
21. The government must act to stamp out interracial hatred and violence. [race]
22. The resolution calls for a durable peace settlement. [resolve]
23. The tape was left near a magnetic source, and the resulting damage was considerable. [result]
24. There wasn’t much else to see, Malcolm Anderson told Jean, sounding regretful. [regret]
25. We appreciated the reasonableness of his decision. [reason]

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