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Словообразование (CAE) Часть 14

Вот и закончилась серия публикаций упражнений на словообразование к учебнику Destination C1-C2 Если вспомнить о том, что есть к этому учебнику, то найдется еще много чего в архивах, но с вытряхиванием пыльных полок я пока повременю. Есть много и других тем для публикаций…
PS. Вы же помните, что для проверки правильности ваших ответов достаточно выделить пробел?

Упражнение на словообразование (CAE)

1. A nasal spray or drops would ease your symptoms, but don’t overuse them or further congestion could result… [use]
2. Evaluation of this new treatment cannot take place until all the data has been collected. [value]
3. His latest book is a reworking of material from his previous short stories. [work]
4. I never expected that he would abuse the trust I placed in him. [use]
5. Only zealots think one solution fits every case. [zeal]
6. Oscar Wilde was famous for his witty wordplay. [word]
7. She reworded sensitive areas of the report so that it wouldn’t be so controversial. [word]
8. She unwisely decided to walk home alone. [wise]
9. Simon lifted a weighty volume from the shelf. [weight]
10. Store the canisters with their lids uppermost. [up]
11. The area has reverted to wilderness since the mine closed down. [wild]
12. The camp is for youngsters aged 8 to 14. [young]
13. The drug could be invaluable for treating cancer patients. [value]
14. The time and expense involved in keeping up to date with all the changes has been worthwhile. [worth]
15. The virus deletes files and corrupts essential core microchips leaving computers unusable. [use]
16. There’s an unwritten rule that you don’t wear jeans to work. [write]
17. There’s been an upward trend in sales in the last few years. [up]
18. This new computer system is completely unnecessary and a misuse of taxpayers’ money. [use]
19. To conserve resources, please reuse this carrier bag. [use]
20. Two points in this report are especially worthy of notice. [worth]
21. We can understand an idealistic — but unworkable — idea like this coming from a fresh-faced political neophyte like Downing. [work]

Рассматриваемый материал по теме «Word formation (CAE)» предлагается для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения словообразования в английском языке на уровне advanced (C1) и подготовки к сдаче экзамена CAE или его эквивалентов.
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