Тема You are going to visit your friends in an English-speaking country

Данная формулировка (You are going to visit your friends in an English-speaking country. They ask you to make a short film about Belarus to show their acquaintances. What sights of Belarus will you include and what information about our country will you provide in the film?) мне кажется более интересной чем стандартное When I think of…

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I am in two minds whether to make a film to provide a potential viewer with some basic information about my country or give some insight into everyday Belarus. If my friends know relatively little about my country I am afraid I can’t do without peppering my story with factual information. I’ll have to show them a map of Belarus, mark the capital and the regions, information about the population, official languages and stuff like that. Of course the introduction will be made in the form of virtual tour around the country. The blocks of textual information will be followed by video clips. It goes without saying that only recognizable symbols of Belarus will be the focus of attention. My aim is to familiarize my friends with the most distinguishable things which set our country apart from our neighbours. The main cities, the main attractions and everything which is regarded as the main in our country. The national library, castles in Mir and Neswizh and so on and so forth. They should learn that Belarus is not yet another slavonic country but a unique place with its heroic past and bright future. Once my friends know something about Belarus, they may be interested in the way we live. Tourist attractions will be of no interest to them. People and their lives will keep them interested. It seems to me a good idea to show a typical day of ordinary Belorussians. It will give them the feel of our lives. The everyday things which may arouse their interest are the flats and houses where we live in, the food we eat, the place where we either work or study at, how we rest. We and how we live are an integral part of our beloved country. Most foreigners are under the false impression that the vast majority of local population live in log houses in numerous villages as cities and towns are scarce. When it comes to the national cuisine alongside with the recipes of the traditional food like grated potatoes we should demonstrate that there are foreign restaurants in our country as well. While talking about education we should put particular emphasis on involvement of our school in various exchange programs. To make a film more interesting I will add some interviews of ordinary people
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