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Тема You are what you eat

Еще одна заезженный топик — You are what you eat. Вроде бы по ней могут высказаться все, но если вы решите обойтись обойтись без фразовых, слов связок и лексики уровня B2+, то скорее всего вы получите не много баллов.
Читайте как можно больше эссе и вы сможете достойно ответить на любую тему. Книги для обучения writing это то за счет чего можно выехать на speaking. Как и всегда отрывок ответа по теме…

Сочинение по теме You are what you eat

One cannot disagree with the statement, as food is a factor of enormous importance in shaping our bodies and even minds. It’s not a secret that what we eat influences our physical health, as healthy food is a vitally important component of the healthy way of life. Also, you can tell a lot about a person judging by the food he prefers. For example, according to scientific research, people who chose so-called «fast food” are usually in constant hurry and don’t pay much attention to their health. Calm and serious people prefer natural food: fruit and vegetables, whereas cheerful and easy going ones like bakery best. For many people eating is much more than just satisfying a physical need. Nowadays it can be a way to relax and forget the worries of a long day. Many people find eating very calming and go to the kitchen every time they feel depressed. That in its turn makes them grow fat and that doesn’t help to cheer up. So as far as I’m concerned, food should not become an object of cult for any of us.
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