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Тема You must be ready for anything on a holiday

You must be ready for anything on a holiday — довольно каверзная тема. Не надо говорить о праздниках… От вас ждут рассказ про поездку за рубеж. Посмотрите на вопросы.

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Сочинение по теме You must be ready for anything on a holiday

People travel for various reasons. Some do it for pleasure whereas others have to do it as a part of their jobs. In the case of going to another place you should be fully aware that so many people, so many minds and even a trivial thing can be seen to in a different way. Once you are in a foreign country and you don’t know either English or the local language you subconsciously try to make yourself understood by using facial expressions and gestures. Beware or you may find yourself in an awkward situation. Lets take some gestures which make up the essentials of body language — nodding and shaking your head. Most peoples use the former to agree and the latter to disagree, but the Bulgarians do the opposite. To say yes they shake their heads, to object they nod. Isn’t it enough to get confused? Every people has its own customs. Some of them are shared with other nations, and some fortunately no. Any girl thinks that her wedding day will be the most pleasant one in her undoubtedly trouble free life. She wears a beautiful white dress expecting everything to be if not the best but one of the best. It is common for many nationalities but there is an unpleasant custom. To prepare for their marriage, Scottish brides-to-be must go through a very foul pre-wedding ritual. Friends of the bride take her by surprise and cover her with eggs, spoiled milk, feathers, pretty much anything disgusting. The blackened bride is then paraded around town. The purpose of this custom is said to prepare the bride for marriage because after going through that, any marital problems will seem like nothing. Really stupid? If I were asked this stupid custom should be done away with. If you are going to visit some place you had better do some research to find out about some peculiarities of your destination. In addition to that it is a good thing to learn what local laws are so as not break any of them. The fact that you are a foreigner usually means nothing to local police. Last but not least, remember that you are no more than a guest and when you are in Rome do as the Romans do
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