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Закрепляем фразовый глагол DO

Закрепите свои знания о фразовом глаголе DO вместе с Virginia Evans FCE Use of English 2. Выучите предлагаемые глаголы и выполните упражнения к ним. С теоретической частью вопроса можно ознакомиться здесь.

Упражнение на фразовый глагол DO

How dare you do her [ down ]? You ought to be grateful to her.
This rule is obsolete. They should have done [away with] it ages ago.
Please, do [ up] before we start our journey.
It’s a good idea to do a house [ up ] before trying to sell it.
He is not to do [ with ] this crime. He was no more than a passer-by.
The did him [ in ] as he refused to obey their orders.
We had to do [ out ] the room after the party we had thrown the day before.
I couldn’t do [ without ] a few hours of sleep. I had been overworking for days.
I am tired. I do [ with ] some rest.

Ответ видны при выделении блока [ ].

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Апрель 28, 2016