Закрепляем предлоги фразовые глаголы и словообразование по теме Buying and selling

Изучаем предлоги, фразовые глаголы и словообразование по теме Buying and selling?
Изучайте предлоги, фразовые глаголы, словообразование в английском языке по Destination B1 = книге для подготовки к любым испытаниям уровня B1 (ГИА, PET)

Предлоги по теме покупки и продажи:

1.Vicky put the house up … rent a month ago, but changed her mind the next day.
2.The company is not … sale.
3.Will you pay … credit card or … cash?
4.I am … debt to the bank for my car loan.
5.The inside of the house is … good condition, but externally it’s in need of repair.
6.Have you decided … a date for the wedding?
7.I lent our ladder … the neighbors.
8.How much did you pay … the tickets?
9.It’s a lovely city, but most of the buildings are … very bad condition.
10.I am having trouble deciding … a gift for them.
11.I’ve been saving all year to pay … our holiday.
12.She had to choose … the two men in her life.
13.The book belongs … Dan.
14.English has borrowed words … many languages.
15.Instant coffee just doesn’t compare … freshly ground coffee.
16.When there is little to choose … two or more things, they are very similar.
17.The car belongs … the woman next door.
18.The hotel certainly compared favourably … the one we stayed in last year.
19.They placed an advertisement … shampoo in the local newspaper.
20.How much time do you spend … your homework?
21.You were wrong … the time — the shop closed at 7 not 8.

Фразовые глаголы по теме покупки и продажи:

1.Let’s (find the total of) all of the money we saved.
2.Alberg (removed the portrait) from the wall.
3.I went to the library and (returned your books).
4.I can’t buy a car because I am (saving money) for college.
5.If I buy something and he doesn’t like it I’ll (return it).
6.We’ve just (returned) from Amsterdam.
7.He said that he’ll (return the money) tomorrow.
8.Franklin told Howe to (do more quickly) and take his bath; otherwise, they’d miss their train.
9.We have six copies of the book to (give it free of charge).
10.She wished George would (do more quickly) with his cup of tea.
11.It will take years for him to (return) his student loans.

Словообразование по теме покупки и продажи:

1.She’s young and dynamic and will be a great *** to the team. (add)
2.Kate buys nice clothes at *** prices every month. (afford)
3.Rolls Royces are very ***. (expense)
4.Corn, sunflower and grapeseed oils are all for general cooking and are relatively ***. (expense)
5.You will have to use your *** to decide how much milk to add. (judge)
6.There isn’t any railway *** on Sundays. (serve)
7.The *** was frightened and ran away. (serve)
8.Does he know the *** about his parents? (true)
9.It is *** that the college broke the terms of the contract. (true)
10.Are you being quite *** with me? (true)
11.These small village shops serve a very *** purpose. (use)
12.She’s very good at methodical work, but *** when there’s a lot of pressure. (use)
13.She gave me some *** tips for growing tomatoes. (value)
14.They made a *** of different countries’ eating habits. (compare)
15.He made a *** to look for another job. (decide)
16.She has had to make some very difficult ***. (decide)
17.The hotel suffers by *** with the other hotels nearby. (compare)

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