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Закрепляем предлоги фразовые глаголы и словообразование по теме Coming and going

Расширяем словарный запас изучая предлоги, фразовые глаголы и словообразование по теме Coming and going из Destination B1.

Предлоги по теме поездки:

1.As soon as I was … board, I was beginning to have second thoughts about my previous decision.
2.How are you going to get there: … bicycle or … foot?
3.Jane is … holiday next month.
4.There’s someone at the gate asking … Dad.
5.The twins looked … each other and smiled.
6.We spent a week … the coast near the Black Sea.
7.His doctor told him to prepare himself … surgery.
8.The place could be explored … foot.
9.I can’t comment on the report as I haven’t had time to look … it yet.
10.I hate waiting … public transport.
11.There’s a girl in the shop asking … the manager.
12.The government cannot provide all the people … a job.
13.You have to get off the train at the station and cross … foot.
14.We could have gone … car or … bus.
15.Visitors usually ask … the history of the palace.
16.They’ve arrived … the conclusion that the idea won’t come off.
17.Her relationship isn’t good with her mother, but she’s very close … her grandmother.
18.Scotland is famous … its spectacular mountains.
19.These flats are not really suitable … families with little children.
20.The Italian Prime Minister arrived … Paris today.
21.Minsk isn’t far … Vitebsk.

Фразовые глаголы по теме поездки:

1.The door was locked and we couldn’t (enter) the room.
2.We’ll try and (leave a house) straight after breakfast.
3.I think we need to (leave) and think about this once more.
4.Do you think you’ll ever (return) to Edinburgh?
5.When you (leave) on holiday, you need to take extra health precautions.
6.They (started a journey) on their mountain crossing two days ago.
7.I (stopped) wondering if I’d done the wrong thing.
8.The plane (left the ground) at 6.30 p.m.
9.When do you (return) to university?
10.We eventually (left the ground) at 14 o’clock and arrived in Oslo at 3.30.
11.They’ve just (started their journey) on a round-the-world flight.

Словообразование по теме поездки:

1.He’s the most *** man in the company, no doubt about that. (attract)
2.I sometimes feel *** after eating too much in the evening. (comfort)
3.He put his chair *** and put his feet up on the desk. (back)
4.This building, once criticized by critics, is now a major tourist ***. (attract)
5.I’d rather not work but I don’t have much ***. (choose)
6.I slept very soundly, thank you — the sofa was really ***. (comfort)
7.Everyone in the office was puzzled by Peter’s sudden ***. (depart)
8.He was going in the *** of the library. (direct)
9.My mum’s an experienced ***. (drive)
10.The modern *** can go where they like. (travel)
11.I *** my daughter to college yesterday. (drive)
12.I’ll never forget my first ***. (fly)
13.There has been a steady decrease in the number of *** to the theater. (visit)
14.The dog fairly *** out of the door to greet its hostess. (fly)
15.They *** her as the team captain last year. (choose)
16.The injured boy was *** by air ambulance to the central hospital. (fly)
17.He was *** because he’d qualified for the job. (choose)

Изучайте предлоги, фразовые глаголы, словообразование в английском языке по Destination B1 = книге для подготовки к любым испытаниям уровня B1 (ГИА, PET)
Рассматриваемый материал по теме » Coming and going: предлоги, фразовые глаголы, словообразование » предлагается для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения предлогов, фразовых глаголов, словообразования в английском языке на уровне intermediate (B1), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ГИА/PET или их эквивалентов.

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Июль 9, 2015
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