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Закрепляем предлоги фразовые глаголы и словообразование по теме Friends and relations

Завершают работу с лексикой по теме Friends and relations упражнения на предлоги, фразовые глаголы и словообразование

Предлоги по теме друзья и родственники:

1.I’m amazed you managed to move those bags all … yourself.
2.The two nations have a lot … common.
3.I didn’t do it … purpose — it was a coincidence.
4.She’s … love with Mike.
5.The film has more … common with the director’s earlier works than with his most recent projects.
6.I’m still … contact with her — we write to each other a couple of times a year.
7.She’s fond … asking awkward questions.
8.She is very jealous … her independence, and doesn’t want to get responsible for others.
9.Please be kind … your father!
10.I still like living … my own.
11.Anthony’s getting married … Marry.
12.You must be very proud … your grandson.
13.I admired him … his desire to succeed.
14.He has a very good relationship … his aunt.
15.Her daughter was married … a Frenchman.
16.She apologized … having to leave early.
17.They were arguing … how to spend the money.
18.Come and see me any time if you want an informal chat … jobs.
19.Your parents are only doing this since they care … you.
20.I can’t believe we are having an argument … who does the washing.
21.I have a great relationship … my niece.

Фразовые глаголы по теме друзья и родственники:

1.She’s a nicely (raised) girl, nobody would deny that.
2.She (end a relationship) with her boyfriend last month.
3.Jenny was (raised) strictly.
4.She will (take care of) the children during summer vacation.
5.She (became older) in Ireland.
6.I don’t want to (have an argument with) you over something so unimportant.
7.She wants to be a teacher when she (became older).
8.It’s funny how they don’t (have a good relationship), Tim and Jack.
9.You seem to be (having a good relationship) well with the roommates.
10.The families of the suffered feel that the justice system (has disappointed them).
11.They (had an argument with) each other over the make of car to buy.

Словообразование по теме друзья и родственники:

1.I have students in my class of very mixed ***. (able)
2.She has great *** for her elder sister. (admire)
3.Alex is a very *** worker. (care)
4.Her work is full of *** mistakes. (care)
5.Nina goes to a special school for *** children. (able)
6.Mark walked into the exam room feeling full of ***. (confident)
7.She treats them with kindness and ***. (forgive)
8.I have been *** with them. (honest)
9.I appreciate your ***. (honest)
10.The song’s great, but the *** is too long. (introduce)
11.Tom’s such a pathological ***. (lie)
12.He has such a kind, friendly ***. (person)
13.He was taught this lesson the hard way — from his own *** experience. (person)
14.I have a very good *** with my co-workers. (relate)
15.The children are being cared for by a ***. (relate)
16.*** between the two districts have improved recently. (relate)
17.He *** his brother for breaking the car. (forgive)

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