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Закрепляем предлоги фразовые глаголы и словообразование по теме Fun and Games

В этой записи вам предлагаются текстовые упражнения на дальнейшую отработку лексики по теме Fun and Games.  Основное внимание будет уделено предлогам, фразовым глаголам и словообразованию.

Фразовые глаголы по теме веселье и игры:

1.You had better (continue) as if nothing’s happened.
2.Dad dislikes (eating at a restaurant), both because of the cost and the quality of food on offer.
3.He (stopped) smoking on the advice of his doctor.
4.We only need one more player for this game — can you get your brother to (participate)?
5.One of the players was (made to leave a game) for kicking another player.
6.Bill would (increase the volume of) the radio in the other room.
7.I thought I’d (start) collecting stamps.
8.The CD player was (lowered).
9.Mark just (continued) playing on his mobile phone.
10.Please (lower the temperature of) the heater.
11.He (started) dancing at the age of nine.

Предлоги по теме веселье и игры :

1.I used to sing but just … fun.
2.He kept waking up … the middle of the night because he had bad dreams.
3.He managed to arrive … time for his flight.
4.Everyone may get bored … doing the same thing every day.
5.He didn’t seem to be interested … what I was saying.
6.None of that matters, as they’re crazy … each other.
7.The play was so bad we walked out right …the middle of it.
8.She’s very good … Chemistry.
9.She’s at that age when girls usually get interested … boys.
10.She’s keen … playing the piano.
11.That film was popular … people from my father’s generation.
12.I don’t feel … going to the theater.
13.I do the washing up while listening … the radio.
14.We haven’t taken part … any of the family gatherings recently.
15.I wasn’t too keen … mathematics.
16.I feel … drinking carrot juice.
17.Listen carefully … what he has to say.
18.He’s a big fan … pop music.
19.I’m happy to meet you — I’m a great fan … your work.
20.I feel … a big welcomed dinner.
21.They wouldn’t listen … me so I said nothing.

Словообразование по теме веселье и игры:

1.By taking quick ***, the company hopes to win the local market. (act)
2.Leonardo DiCaprio is my favourite *** — he’s so good-looking! (act)
3.The school is very proud of its *** facilities. (athlete)
4.He leaves a wife and thee ***. (child)
5.She had been drawing pictures since her ***. (child)
6.What did you do for *** while you were staying in that remote village? (entertain)
7.He owns a priceless *** of stamps. (collect)
8.These doctors perform *** work in difficult situations. (hero)
9.The book was bought by an unknown private ***. (collect)
10.The *** and her husband would go off to the colonies to start a new life. (hero)
11.What you need to sing in a chorus is strong *** skills. (music)
12.She has been in a *** mood lately. (play)
13.The team has many talented ***. (play)
14.He was a young *** when he left for South Africa. (sail)
15.She was singing a little *** to her kids. (sing)
16.My mother was a *** in a rock band. (sing)
17.He entered the College of Music to study ***. (sing)

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Июль 7, 2015
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