Закрепляем предлоги фразовые глаголы и словообразование по теме Inventions and discoveries

Рассмотрим предлоги, фразовые глаголы и словообразование по теме Inventions and discoveries из Destination B1

Предлоги по теме открытия и изобретения:

1.I’m sure at some point … the future I’ll want a baby.
2.We were thinking about going to Switzerland, but … the end we went to Austria.
3.I’m so glad to meet you … last.
4.I found this book … chance at a book sale.
5. … my opinion, the school holidays are much too long.
6.His behaviour in the meeting was … order.
7.He thought about moving to the city, but … the end, decided to stay where he was.
9.We met … chance in a class in college.
10.The crash resulted … the deaths of 14 passengers.
11.There’s not much difference … the two products.
12.People have a mistaken idea … artists.
13.The number … people killed in road accidents fell last month.
14.There’s a big difference … starting up a business and just talking about it.
15.A sudden change in temperature will inevitably result … rain.
16.The reason … the disaster was engine failure, not human error.
17.The shelves were full … books.
18.The word ‘cat’ begins … the letter ‘c’.
19.His eyes filled … tears as he recalled his mother’s sacrifices.
20.Emily is completely different … her sister.
21.It was dark so I didn’t notice what type … car it was.

Фразовые глаголы по теме открытия и изобретения:

1.The car (stopped working) just north of Paris.
2.I (found by chance) an old diary in her desk.
3.As soon as I (discovered information), I jumped into the car.
4.I (invented) some excuse about my car breaking down.
5.Wash the mushrooms and (break by pulling) the stalks.
6.The printing machines are always (stopping working).
7.When mother (discovers), she’ll divorce you.
8.To avoid the risk of infection, needles must be used once and then (put in a rubbish bin) immediately.
9.I have to get up and (stopped) the radio.
10.Jake (started) his computer and checked his mail.
11.Don’t forget to (stop the lights) when you leave.

Словообразование по теме открытия и изобретения:

1.Philip and she spent sixty pounds of it that afternoon on a secondhand gas ***. (boil)
2.The *** properties of coal are still incompletely understood. (chemist)
3.She studied *** and physics at college. (chemist)
4.At first I thought he was a bit shy, but I’ve come to the *** that he’s simply unfriendly! (conclude)
5.How many pupils are taking the geography *** this term? (examine)
6.The *** told him to relax and then asked him to turn on the engine. (examine)
7.I’ve had a lifelong *** with the sea and with small boats. (fascinate)
8.I found the whole film ***. (fascinate)
9.There are *** who say that the results of the research are flawed. (science)
10.The machine makes thousands of *** every day. (measure)
11.The *** of the bay is approximately 200 miles. (long)
12.The children were dressed ***. (identical)
13.How many *** buildings are damaged by fire each year? (history)
14.Her father was an eminent ***. (history)
15.Can I open a window? It’s *** in here. (boil)
16.Relations between the two countries have almost reached *** point. (boil)
17.The building resonates with *** significance. (history)

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Опубликовано: Июль 12, 2015
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