Закрепляем предлоги фразовые глаголы и словообразование по теме Learning and doing

Продолжаем расширять словарный запас. Употребление предлогов и фразовых глаголов делает устную речь более естественной и интересной. Изучайте предлоги, фразовые глаголы, словообразование в английском языке по Destination B1 = книге для подготовки к любым испытаниям уровня B1 (ГИА, PET)

Фразовые глаголы по теме обучение:

1.Just (draw a line through) the incorrect information.
2.Many people have to (find) the meaning of this set phrase in the dictionary.
3.She (told me) a few problems with the contract that I hadn’t noticed.
4.I (said out loud) the things on the list.
5.If we wrote I think he would (tear into pieces) the document.
6.She began (removing with a rubber) the pencilled marks in the essay.
7.Liz took the blue envelope and (turned it so the other side is towards her) curiously.
8.She took every photograph of me that was in our room and (tore it into pieces).
9.On the morning before starting the first, (write) your starting weight.
10.He (drew a line through) `fellow subjects’, and instead wrote `fellow citizens’.
11.If you make a mistake (remove it with a rubber) and rewrite the answer.

Предлоги по теме обучение:

1.My father can still recite the poems he learned … heart at primary school.
2.They intend to provide information, via the Internet … instance.
3. … conclusion, I would like to stress the importance of environmental awareness.
4.He looks younger, but he is … fact almost 55 years old.
5.I have some doubts if he is really capable … doing this job.
6.She knows the entire page … heart.
7.She cheated … the test by copying from the girl in front.
8.In the electronics industry, … instance, 5000 jobs have been lost.
9. … general, men are taller than women.
10.Do you need any help … this report?
11.I don’t know anything … this problem.
12.Before you sail, you need to learn … basic swimming technique.
13.You need to be pretty good to succeed … the property world.
14.I always confuse him … his brother-in-law.
15. If you are pregnant, there is no reason why you should not continue … any sport or activity you already enjoy.
16.I want to ask her a question … grammar rules.
17.We had a difference of opinion … next year’s plans.
18.The system of benefits is often weighted … favour of those who have children.
19.It must be difficult to cope … three little children and a job.
20.Her parents gave her some help … her student loan.
21.The teacher advised me to continue … my studies.

Словообразование по теме обучение:

1.This language class is for *** only. (begin)
2.They were awarded medals for their ***. (brave)
3.People often have *** information about safety rules. (correct)
4.Nowadays, class *** are related to economic status. (divide)
5.I did not see the advantage of a university ***. (educate)
6.Dave *** as a music teacher last year. (begin)
7.*** to the compositions are marked in red. (correct)
8.There was a long list of *** at the end of the book. (refer)
9.When I was at school, we were required to *** a list of words every week. (memory)
10.A *** garden was to be created for the Princess in the central park. (memory)
11.The video provides *** on how to operate the equipment. (instruct)
12.I recommend driving under tuition from an approved driving ***. (instruct)
13.There was a brief *** then the pupil spoke. (silent)
14.He *** agreed with much of what he had said. (silent)
15.He tried to *** the story for the audience. (simple)
16.The advantage of the scheme is its ***. (simple)
17.Jane has just *** learning to swim. (begin)

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