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Закрепляем предлоги фразовые глаголы и словообразование по теме Working and earning

Предлагаем выучить предлоги, фразовые глаголы и словообразование по теме Working and earning из Destination B1.

Предлоги по теме работа и заработки:

1.I’m afraid she’s not here … the moment.
2.Two years after joining the police force, he was put … charge … the department’s records.
3.I’m in Baltimore … business.
4.The city’s bus drivers have been … strike for three weeks.
5.Why is it that the trains never run … time.
6.I can’t take any personal calls while I’m … duty.
7.Be careful … the glasses.
8.Many things make it difficult … women to reach the top in US business.
9.I’m fed … … my job.
10.She had to get the kids ready … school.
11.I’m fed … … cleaning up after you all the time.
12.We could apply … a loan to buy a car.
13.Paul is directly responsible … the efficient running of the office.
14.How long the journey takes will depend … how long it takes to get through the traffic.
15.He works … a plumber.
16.In his speech, he referred … a recent trip to Canada.
17.I had a kind … feeling this might happen.
18.Why wasn’t I informed … this earlier?
19.What kind … work do you do?
20.He did a piece of work … us.
21.She’s applied … a job with an insurance company.

Фразовые глаголы по теме работа и заработки:

1.The picnic has been (cancelled) because of rain.
2.Don’t forget to (return my pen) when you’ve finished with it.
3.Anna (delayed to a later time) paying the bills.
4.John decided to (start a business) as a graphic designer.
5.I don’t know what’s (happening).
6.I let the kids (go to bed late) on Fridays.
7.At that time police would often (remove) suspected revolutionaries and throw them in jail with a trial.
8.She (took control of) the job after he left.
9.They (cancelled) the search when it got dark.
10.What were the children doing while all this was (happening)?
11.He still hasn’t (returned that book) to me.

Словообразование по теме работа и заработки:

1.She is looking for a personal *** with good organizational skills. (assist)
2.The company needs more financial *** from the Government. (assist)
3.You’ve won again, you lucky ***. (beg)
4.My older sister was very ***. (boss)
5.She has completed her degree and is currently seeking *** as a journalist. (employ)
6.Annabel has been a hardworking and responsible ***. (employ)
7.Scotland is *** for its spectacular countryside. (fame)
8.It seems to me his favourite *** is eating. (occupy)
9.There was a record number of confiscations by customs *** last year. (office)
10.Number Ten Downing Street is the British prime minister’s *** residence. (office)
11. *** footballers sometimes choose to become managers. (retire)
12.I’m sure everyone will join me in wishing you a very happy ***. (retire)
13.Remember to wear your *** belt in the car. (safe)
14.He had to borrow money to *** his business. (safe)
15.In the larger neighbourhood, I felt very ***. (safe)
16.That salmon dish was a ***, wasn’t it? (succeed)
17.The Birmingham Royal Ballet has had a highly *** season. (succeed)

Предлагаемый материал по теме «Working and earning: фразовые глаголы, предлоги, словообразование » может быть использован для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения фразовых глаголов, предлогов, словообразования в английском языке на уровне intermediate (B1), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ГИА/PET или их аналогов. Изучайте предлоги, фразовые глаголы, словообразование в английском языке по Destination B1 = книге для подготовки к любым испытаниям уровня B1 (ГИА, PET)

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